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Blueberries from our new plantation in Luogosanto, Sardinia. The secret of long life

Nowhere in the world do people grow as old as in the Blue Zones. There are five of these zones worldwide and one of them is in Sardinia.

The secret of this long life is mainly due to the high-quality food that this beautiful island produces.

Blueberries are basically a superfood and have a lot of positive influence on our body. FrutSanto’s blueberries grow and thrive in the gentle hilly landscape of Luogosanto. So they get the extra magical energy of the Blue Zone, taste delicious and come to you fresh every day.

We have selected only the best plants for our new plantation, which have already proven themselves for many years in our plantation in Somma Lombardo. From the very beginning, we make sure that there are always optimal conditions for the bushes.